Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Renovation of Dungolla Primary School...

Dungolla primary school, located in the division of Hasalaka, Kandy district; began on 20th July 1991. This school has not been renovated since it's beginning. So after 21 long years, with the patronage of Rev. Gangasiripura Dhammaloka, members of Helavijaya youth society have completed this meritorious project. The assistance rendered by some young students from the faculty of science, University of Peradeniya too appreciated.
Few photographs of the event follows...
           The Repairing of the Dungolla School by the Helavijaya society could be seen by the following pictures. You can see how the school was before the Repairing work and after the work.


Schools Desks and Chairs that have not got a paint job for over 20 years

 This is how it was before the repairing. You can see how much effort it took for us to restore it back to normal.

Repairing the main hall of the School.

We were the students of Free Education of Sri Lanka. Just doing what we could to pay back that unpayable Debt.

 Repairing and painting the Desks and Chairs.

Repairing the Floor of the main hall which has been badly damaged due to ill maintenance.
We had some great cooks in our society, who did the cooking for the hard labors of the day

Help of the villagers were a great strength for us

This is how the renovation work was done

This is how Dungolla School looks after the renovation by our society. This includes 3 days of hard labor and effort.
Name Sign was Drawn by these gentlemen.

Look from the inside of the hall.

Some pictures which covers the beauty of the new looking Dumgolla School.

Thank you...


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